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In the south west corner of the garden, between the bird hide and new stumpery, we have a small wildlife pond. it was designed and built by pupils at the local primary school a few years back. This winter worked on re-vamping the area. The finishing touch was added yesterday. A brand new (recycled material) “Bug Hotel” was built and put into place. And quite stunning it is too. Think more “Savoy” than “Travelodge”!
The purpose of the “Hotel” is simply to provide shelter for pollinating insects, spiders, beetles, frogs, toads, newts and small mammals. We used Old wooden pallets, that we stacked up, fixed a tiled roof and filled the spaces with different materials to create different habitats. materials included pine cones, tree bark (ladybirds, spiders and centipedes), old rotting logs (various beetles and other wood-boring insects), plant pots filled with dried out hollow plant stems such as large bamboo canes, (woodlice, beetles and spiders), dry leaves, stones or straw.

A big thank you must go to volunteers Alison and Dave who led the project, from initial research to design and build.
I think it truly enhances that area of the garden.