Voting for the 2017’s Plant Personality of The Year awards were, for the first time, opened up to our Twitter followers. The results were as follows (feel the suspense building)

In 3rd place with 0% of the vote is:

Cornus kousa var.chinensis

Conus kousa var.chinensis at Trewithen Gardens in Cornwall

A surprise not to receive any votes but a worthy contender none the less

2nd place with 13% of the votes, goes to:…

Rhododendron nuttallii

Meaning the winner, with a huge 87% of the votes, is…

Camellia transnokoensis

Camellias at Trewithen Gardens in Cornwall

She was “Plant of the Month” in January and is flowering in the garden as i write this.

A worthy winner.

Role on 2018.

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Merry Christmas