Autumn brings a whole new pallet of colour to the garden. Not always in the most obvious ways. Sure there are flowers such as our collection of species and hybrid Hydrangea and soon the camellia sasanqua. Plus there are the more obvious autumnal hues from the leaves changing colour.

But it’s the fruit and seed pods that give a more subtle show of colour and texture at this time of year.

Going around the garden we have Rehderodendron macrocarpum on the main lawn, Various sorbus on the east terrace and rose garden and throughout the garden the magnolia seed pods which I have previously described, to try to give a mental image to someone who hasn’t seen them before, as “Imagine the after effects of your dog eating orange sweetcorn…..”. If you have seen magnolia campbellii seed pods you will know what I am talking about. The bright orange/red seed bursting through a contorted seed pod could easily be mistaken for the above!

But the star in the garden, fruit wise and general all round good guy, is Cornus kousa var.chinensis and its mass of strawberry like fruit weighing it down to give a “weeping2 effect. Just simply stunning!

The gardens close on September 30th and in the last week the plant centre will have a 50% sale. Come and grab a bargain and see the Cornus with your own eyes.