Autumn flowering Camellia.

The gardens are closed, we are heavily involved in hedge trimming and revamping a couple of areas (chainsaw and chipper style re-vamp) but the flowers continue to come.

There are Roses still going strong, Hydrangeas looking really good and now the Camellia sasanqua varieties are starting to flower.

Sasanquas are a real bonus in the garden. You get a brightly coloured scented flower during the autumn. The plants themselves are of a very tidy habit and can handle quite a bit of sun. We have pinks, whites and ‘Rainbow’ a mixture of pink and white. But the foliage on some varieties is an added bonus. We have one called ‘Winters Snowman’, an autumn flowering hybrid, white scented flowers with the most amazing Pieris like red colouring new growth. Worth growing just for the leaves alone.