Today, Sept 11th 2012, sees the last mow of the formal lawns before we start our autumn lawn maintenance programme. This involves heavy scarifiying of the lawns. A process that removes the“Thatch” from the base of the lawn. “Thatch” is the build up of lawn clippings, dead bits of grass etc that builds up at the surface of the lawn preventing air and light reaching the grass roots. The lawns will look terrible after this process but don’t panic! Next we will “aerate” the lawns with a machine that has a drum of large spikes which penetrate deep into the lawn to help improve drainage and air movement to the roots of the grass. It’s easy to forget but a lawn is made up of a series of individual grass plants, so to keep them at their best they need air, light, moisture and food just like all plants. To aid drainage even more we will top dress the lawns with a fine layer of horticultural grit. Hopefully we will have lush green lawns ready for next season, see you then!