Terrace gardening Yunnan style

The route from Baoshan to Tengchong took us up, down and even through mountains. The 4 hour coach trip was broken up for a rest stop at 2500m. In the Forrest beyond the rest area (a truck stop would be a good description) I saw native plants that grace the garden at Trewithen. There were huge Schima khasiana (bigger than our “Champion tree), Daphne, Rhododendron delavayii in flower, Camellia fraternal in flower, massive specimens of Michelia doltsopa, and Buddleja. All these plants can be seen growing well at Trewithen and are a testament to the plant hunter’s hard work.

The most amazing part of the trip is seeing the terraces on the mountain side growing coffee, tea any amount of vegetables. The work involved in cultivating, planting and harvesting is mind blowing.