The Hydrangeas within the garden are starting to bloom. We have several varieties of different flower forms. Hydrangea macrophlla is divided into two groups ‘Lace caps' with small fertile central flowers surrounded by infertile larger flowers and ‘Mop Heads' with a rounded head made up of infertile large flowers.

The bulk of our plants are generally blue in colour. We have some good white varieties ‘Lanarth White and ‘Veitchii' plus the creamy white to pink of H.paniculata ‘Grandiflora' with its large conical panicles.

Soil acidity is the key factor when it comes to flower colour. Acid soil will inevitably turn flowers blue, Alkaline pink. Even white hydrangeas planted in acid soil will turn from a pure white to a greenish blue in some cases.

There are many old wives tales and gardener's anecdotes on how to stop or prevent pink turning blue and vice versa but I strongly believe that the great gardener Mother Nature will win in the end. Why battle against her when surely it's easier to accept what you have and appreciate the beauty (and colour) of your blooms.