As Halloween approaches the garden is full of mini pumpkins, they are between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. What are they? The Pumpkin like seed pods are from camellia reticulata. Ours are grown from wild collected seed from china in the early 29th century. George Johnstone helped sponsor George Forrest on his plant collecting trips to china in the 1920’s. The direct result is the huge camellia reticulata growing in the garden on and near camellia walk. Several varieties have come from this collection including C.reticulata ‘Trewithen Salmon’, C.reticulata ‘Trewithen Pink’ and C.reticulata ‘Charlotte Galsworthy’.

The pods from Camellia japonica varieties come in shades of green through to red resembling mini apples.

I am hoping to travel to Yunnan in China to see the original plants growing in the wild.