On Friday 11th April I attended the 6th annual Head Gardener's day, this year held jointly by Tremeer and Pencarrow (with kind permission of the owners Lord and lady George and Lady Molesworth-St Albans).

The weather was exceptionally kind and a group gathered for coffee and a wonderful collection of cakes. Bradley Newton (Head Gardener) gave a brief introduction then a tour around the garden. The standard of maintenance is excellent and the garden boasts a good collection of plants mostly labelled and if not tagged for reference to past records and planting books.

My hat goes off to Bradley for attaining such a high standard and still going forward with new projects and planting much of which he undertakes on his own ( I thought I had a small team!)

After a good lunch in the local pub we went on to Pencarrow and witnessed a minor miracle of work. 21 Hectares of Rhododendron ponticum has/is being removed from the garden and drive. I strongly recommend a visit soon to see the start of a huge project in the re-planting of these vast areas. Then a return visit in the near future to keep an eye on progress. All this plus the usual daily maintenance and with a garden staff of 2!


I look forward to a possible visit next year to Mount Edgcumbe and to be a host in the near future.