Exciting news!

An old specimen plant has been formally identified. Berberis francisci-ferdinandi was wild collected in central Sichuan, China, by Ernest Wilson in Oct.1908, at an altitude of 1200 -2150 m. We have two plants in the garden are located south west of the house.

Julian Harber, a world renowned expert on the genus, visited Trewithen a couple of weeks ago. During a walk and a chat we “Discovered” an old specimen of Berberis which has now been identified as Berberis francisci-ferdinandi.

This is exciting news for the garden. Another plant collected by one of the great plant hunters is still thriving and setting seed within the collection. Having been identified I will label and log it on the data base ensuring its place within the garden and its future is now secure.

Only two other examples of the type species are known to be growing at Kew and RBGE.