New planting of old varieties of apple trees.

We have palnted a new apple orchard within the rose garden using varieties that Sir Christopher Hawkins, 1758-1829, owner of trewithen used,


’Cornish Aromatic’ (A very old English variety thought to have been grown in Cornwall for centuries. A very handsome apple with a spicy aromatic flavour) and


‘Cornish Gilliflower’ (Cornish july flower) (A very old variety, brought to notice by Sir Christopher Hawkins in 1813 having been discovered in a garden in Truro) Medium to large sized, rather unusual irregular oblong or oblong-conical shaped fruit. The knobbly exterior is quite boldly ribbed and distinctly five crowned. Rather dry but sweet with a melon like fragrance.

We have planted a small orchard within the rose garden as Roses and apples are in the same family Rosaceae. I wanted to re-introduce the varieties both for their historic value and to add out of spring season interest.

The trees were planted along with some ‘Newer’ varieties including ‘The Duke of Cornwall’, ‘Bens Red’ I:1830, Tregonna king. These were chosen as good examples of Cornish varieties. All will be available for sale in the plant centre.