Sorry for my absence over the last few weeks. The season has got off to a perfect start.

The long, cold winter is but a distant memory. But it has left a lasting impression on the garden by the fact that flowering has been delayed to coincide with opening. Perfect!

The large Asiatic magnolias are in full swing flowering from top most branches to the lower eye level stems. Huge pink blooms throughout the garden.

The early Rhododendron’s have been fantastic. Rh.ririei, Rh.sutchuenense, Rh.’Red Admiral’ and the most recent to start flowering Rh.’Cornish Cross’ with its smooth flaky bark and bright red flower trusses. Add to this our most famous Rhododendron which is planted in pride of place dead centre of the garden Rhododendron macabeanum. Wild collected by Frank Kingdom-Ward and planted here in 1929.

It is stunning!!! A real show stopper you cannot walk past without being in awe of its deep yellow, football sized trusses of flowers with the lushest dark green, heavily veined, leaves. The best Rhododendron in the world ever!!

What a great start to any season.

My prediction time:-

It’s the Chinese year of the hare/rabbit here at Trewithen it will be the year of the camellia. Keep checking back as for updates on what looks to be a fabulous camellia season or check out loads of picture on our facebook page.