Rhododendron nuttallii

This maybe a bit predictable but she is my favourite rhododendron! Ever!

As a famous beer commercial once said “Probably the best Rhododendron in the world?” ! I would add “Probably the best Rhododendron in the world ever and if you don’t agree you are wrong!”

This absolutely stunning Rhododendron, my personal favourite (probably protesting that fact a bit too much!), is now starting to flower. Despite the fact that each truss has up to 9 lily-like, fragrant white flushed yellow flowers it’s the foliage, particularly the new growth that amazes me. The growth unfolds to reveal a metallic purple leaf growing to 20 cms in length. Stunning!

Text books state that this plant should be grown in a conservatory or heated greenhouse. I haven’t told ours that so its quite happily growing away in the centre of the garden.