Pieris Formosa ‘Forrestii.

Most people think of Pieris and think of plants like P.Firecrest’, P.Forest Flame’ and maybe the japonica varieties like, ‘Little Heath Green’, ‘Dorothy Wyckoff’, ‘Christmas cheer’ and ‘Flamingo’. They all give good red to bronze new foliage in the spring with white (sometimes pink) ‘Lily of the Valley’ like flowers on small to medium sized shrubs. Protected from cold winds these plants are a must for most gardens.

Coming to trewithen and first seeing our grove of Pieris growing out side the walled garden you could be forgiven if you missed them completely. Its not until you stand back you realise that the 40-50 ft tall trunks are not trees or Rhododendron (although both Rhododendron and Pieris are in the Ericaceae family) they are in fact a group of wild collected, George Forrest in 1905 from SW China, plants originally under planted beneath an avenue of Trachycarpus palms. A few of these palms can still be seen and are completely dwarfed by the Pieris.

None of this will prepare you enough. Looking across the video yard to the huge bank of red foliage with white flowers towering above a red brick wall will take your breath away.