Plant Personality Of The Year 2010

The annual wait is over. I can reveal the short list of plants tha are worth a mention but not made my top three plant personality of the year list.

The first runner up is a previous winner ,2008, and is definitely worth another mention. Its Schefflera macrophylla. This started as a lush foliage plant and now after a couople of years growth its even better. I am using a picture of its new foliage on my blog pages. Could easily have won the award again.

Next is a plant I saw used extensively while in china. The Chinese grew it almost like bedding and carpeted large roadside verges with the plant. It is Loropetalum chinense ‘Fire Dance’, lovely purple foliage on a compact shrub with pink flowers in late spring.

And the last runner up has the potential to become a champion and sweep the boards in the future (think Sebastian Vettel in formula one), I give you Exbucklandii. I got the plant from Tom Hudson and it’s a beauty. A lush foliage plant from the Hamamelidaceae family and native to china. You will be seeing more of this in my blog and in future awards

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for:

PPOTY 2010

And the winners are….