Record temperatures again!

Cast your minds back to January 7th 2009 (or re-read my blog ‘Winter Weather’ on February 2nd 2009) and you will notice a record low of -7 on the night of the 7th.

Fast forward to last night, January 7th 2010, and amazingly we recorded a temperature of, you’ve probably guessed already, -7. What a coincidence.

With the snow still on the ground and the temperatures plummeting work is slow in the garden. Shaking snow off of plants (to help prevent branches snapping under the extra weight , clearing paths and making holes in the frozen ponds to allow air in has been our major tasks with a nice bonfire the next job. Some of the ice is a good 3 inches (8cms) thick.

Just a reminder try to avoid walking on your lawns in this weather you will bruise the grass causing black footprints on the grass when the snow and ice melts.

I will keep you updated with all things weather and garden related.