Here is the last few months of the year.

Early September I attended the ‘Plantnetwork climate change and planting for the future' conference held at the Royal Agricultural college in Cirencester. I have posted my notes and findings from the conference under the news page.

During September and through October we cleared and pruned several seedling trees with the aid of chainsaw and mini digger on West Terrace. This has allowed plenty of light and air into this area ready for re-planting.

Continuing the chainsaw, chipper and min-digger style of pruning we removed several Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) hedges which have out grown their usefulness. Or in reality haven't grown enough as the plants they are providing wind protection to are now far taller then the hedges. This, again, has allowed in much needed light and air to the garden. When you visit New Year you will feel the garden breathing again.

Sally and sue started as volunteers with their first job being the removal of all plants in both main borders within the walled garden. These were divided and will be used in the new planting scheme with a ‘Potager' style of companion planting throughout the walled garden. 

November and December
The end of November we had a Rose pruning master class from Stewart Pocock which included all aspects of hrub, standard and climber techniques.

Continued the task of laurel hedge trimming and painting of the garden benches during the wet days

During December we started the re-planting of west terrace using Large leaved rhododendron form Glendoick nursery in Scotland and wild collected Hydrangea species from china via Crug farm in wales.