July to December

July started with an alien invasion! Or was it? Actually it was the fruit of the Asiatic Magnolia. It was a bumper crop of fruit with the warped and distorted seed pods covering the trees.

Then came summer or as we now call it “The rainy season” wettest July on record followed by a wet August and first half of September.

The Merlin family fun day went well with the rain just about holding off.

Roses had two seasons early summer looking and smelling wonderful then late summer again looking good but not so strong a scent.

During a visit from a Berberis expert, Julian Harber, we discovered a rare Berberis growing near the house. It turned out to be a wild collected species from Sichuan collected by one of the great plant collectors Ernest Wilson in 1908.

September saw the start of a one year traineeship for Ivor Benoy. As part of the HBGBS scheme Ivor will complete a 10 plant ident every week, four projects in 12 months and keep a detailed work diary. His first project was to research and re-store the Cock Pit.