July and August are in the summer months (or as we now call it the rainy season!) just we didn’t get any sun! wet, rain, wet and more rain best describes our summer of 2010. The wet season did benefit our Hydrangeas with one of the best flowering displays for years. The really deep vibrant colours lasted until the first frost of winter, more on that later.

In September, after 12 months, Ivor completed his HBGBS placement with us. During his time here he carried out 4 separate projects alongside his daily tasks. These included restoration of the cock Pit, a “niche plant” project for the plant centre, a ”Pest and disease” project for the nursery and his last one on the legacy of the plant hunters and their impact on Trewithen. November into December saw a really harsh cold snap with snow and ice on the ground for over 3 weeks. This hard cold id almost unheard of in Cornwall luckily we were prepared with fleece and bamboo structures being erected all over the garden trying to protect the least hardy plants. Hope you had a good 2010 and hope to see you in the garden in 2011.