Rhododendron identification study day The Cornwall garden society with help from the Cornwall head gardeners group organised a rhododendron identification study day held here at Trewithen. The 20 delegates all work in gardens in Cornwall. Ken Cox from Glendoick, world renowned rhododendron expert and owner of Glendoick garden and rhododendron nursery in Scotland, gave a lecture with a practical session and tour of the garden. Using some of the principles ken taught us in the morning session we tried to dissect and identify various Rhododendrons that people had bought with them for the day. This is a science in its own right and for most was the first time ever trying to identify plants from their floral parts using botanical descriptions and magnifying glasses. Most got to grips with it very well and the day will leave a great legacy if those attending all go back to their respective gardens and use what they learnt to identify rhododendron in their gardens.