Scent and perfume fill the air in the garden.

As well as the spring colour from Camellia and the yellow flowered Magnolias we now have the heady perfume of the myrtle (Amomyrtus luma) and a variety of Rhododendron. The best of the Rhododendron being R.‘Fragrantissima’, R.lindleyi and R.maddenii subsp.maddenii.

The Amomyrtus with its creamy white mass of flowers fills the whole garden with its sweet delicate perfume. This plant works so hard for us, the flowers, the perfume, the scented foliage, its evergreen and when mature has attractive peeling bark. An absolute must have for any garden.

Added to this and enhancing the display is the colour of the new spring growth. Notably on many camellia (I will write more on this subject soon) varieties but the winner for spring growth has to be Pieris. Our stand of P.formosa ‘Forrestii Group’ is stunning at the moment with its scarlet red new growth and white lily of the valley type flowers.