Spring is on the way.

After the recent cold snap Spring is starting to arrive in the garden

Camellia, Rhododendrons but not yet Magnolia are in flower in the garden. Daffodils are late but now showing colour. The recent plantings of Heleborus are all happily flowering and looking really good. 

Our seedling of M.campbellii subsp.mollicomata usually flowers above the cock pit between Jan 19th and 21st. This year the outer ‘Furry' sheaths are just starting to be shed a full month behind! I reckon that the first magnolia will be in flower after we open on March 1st. This is excellent news for plant lovers because you will be able to see them in their full glory rather than just as they are going over. Magnolia have flowered here on Christmas day so this year spring will be a riot of colour and a must see.

The National trust has recently had a press campaign talking up the fact there is less flowers in their gardens on Valentines Day as a bad thing. Come to trewithen in spring and I prove that thee cold snap has been a good, positive event re-setting the increasingly early spring back to something ‘normal'.