Over the last few years we have been slowly clearing an area at the far south west of the garden called the “Water gardens”. Historically this area was the pleasure grounds with a woodland and avenues closer to the house. Over the last 250 years or so things have changed quite considerably. With the two world wars and the influx of wild collected species coming in from the east the garden, as it is today, was created in the woodland close to the house. The outlying areas had become somewhat neglected.

I have been nibbling away at clearing the area, whilst still maintaining the 30 acres of garden, with the most recent “Cherry Laurel” clearing starting this week. I attacked from the 1937 coronation clump following the path clearing the banks on either side. to my surprise and amazement followed with a lot excitement I uncovered the original path to the water garden as marked on the 1747 landscape plan of Trewithen. I always thought the existing path to be too narrow and winding for an area of this importance.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to peel back the undergrowth and open up the entrance to this historic part of the garden.

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