Preparation for the Cornwall Garden Societies spring flower show 2015 are going strong. This year, being Trewithen's 300th anniversary year, we are building a "Show Garden" at the spring flower show.

The title for the garden is "Window's in Time.. The first 300 years"

We will build a mock up of Trewithen house and have 3 "Windows" looking out onto the garden at 3 different time periods of Trewithen gardens history.

The first dates from when the Hawkins family purchased Trewithen in 1715 and represents the first 100 years. Planting is simple with Beech trees under planted with Cherry laurel.

 The second "window" covers the time period from 1815-1915 and starts to show how the garden developed from a woodland to garden with the introduction of plants from other countries including the "new" Rhododendron and magnolia.

The third "window" covers 1915-2015 depicting the garden as it is today. With the planting showcasing the fact we are an ICS camellia garden of excellence and one of the "Great gardens of Cornwall" with a riot of spring colour.