During the long cold wet winter (or is that summer? Never can tell these days) we have been undergoing a “Cherry laurel” hedge clearance programme. Historically the garden was woodland under planted with cherry laurel, Prunus laurocerasus, as a game cover for shooting. George johnstone, the present owner’s grandfather, carved out planting areas from the woodland leaving wind breaks to protect the plants. A hundred or so years later and we are left with the legacy of “Internal wind breaks” of laurel that were lower than the plants they were supposed to protect! We also has a regime of hedge cutting from October the 1st right through till late December with no thought as to why we are cutting so many hedges.

On refection most of the hedges are obsolete and are just a heavy, dark screen blocking light and air movement.

This season’s clearance will be close to finishing the project creating plenty of new vistas, planting opportunities and fewer hedges to cut. A triple bonus! Worth the hard work and mess at this time of year. Will all be good come March the first on our grand re-opening for the new season.