Winter Projects

We have been working furiously since the gardens closed at the end of September. This is contrary to the general belief that after we close we have a long winters break till march 1st. If only!

The main on-going tasks are the annual autumn clear up of leaves and the onerous task of cutting all the miles of Laurel hedges.

On top of this we have the garden benches to re-stain and repair all the signage to bring in. And if that's not enough I have decided to remove a few Laurel hedges completely. Also I have, with Mr Galsworthy, selected about 15 self sown semi-mature trees (beech and birch mainly) to remove allowing more air and light into the garden. This will have huge benefits to the surrounding plants and even open up areas for re-planting.

Plus, with the help of our students and volunteers, we are tackling the herbaceous borders within the walled garden. We have started by removing all the plants and dividing the ones we are going to keep. A design for the beds will be worked out by a collaboration of Mrs Galsworthy, Sally (degree student) and me. The underlying theme being that of a ‘Potager' style of planting. Which will include a mixture of herbaceous plants, herbs and vegetables.

Please come and visit in the spring to see how we get on. I will keep you up to date via this web page.