Managers believe that without the heavy rain all through Bank Holiday Monday it could have been the award-winning garden's busiest Easter holiday ever.

During the four day holiday hundreds of visitors flocked through the gates to enjoy the garden famous throughout the world for its flowering Camellia, Magnolia and Rhododendron, which were in full bloom creating a rich coloured canopy – from the palest pinks to deepest magenta and red.

The plant shop was consistently busy and the garden's tea room was so popular customers were sitting at tables as soon as they became free. Mark and Sonja Rogers who manage the business said they came close to running out of some of their home-made produce, especially cream teas.

Mark said: "We were so busy we hardly had a chance to talk to one another, but the comments of the customers made it all worth it."

Owner of Trewithen, Michael Galsworthy, said he believed the excellent weather had played its part in attracting people to the estate and he was delighted they were able to share the beauty of the garden.

"I believe we offer a lot of enjoyment for the £5 entry fee and because the majority of plants we sell are grown in the Trewithen Nursery we can afford to sell them at a reasonable price," he said.