It may be winter, but the Camellias and Rhododendrons at Trewithen Gardens near Probus seem to think it’s spring.

For the first time since Head Gardener Gary Long started working there twelve years ago, the run-up to Christmas has been marked by an abundance of shrubs in full bloom.

“I’ve never know anything like it,” he said.  “The azalea just in front of the house is a blaze of colour – as are our Rhododendrons ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Alison Johnstone and several of our Camellias – including the beautiful  Jovey Carlyon which is an absolute picture.  The magnolias are not budding yet but, apart from them, it could easily be early spring – at least a month earlier than usual.  It really is bizarre.”

Strange or not, the flowers are a welcome sight on cold, grey days and the recent high winds haven’t caused any damage.

“There have been a few twigs down but that’s about all,” said Gary. 

Nor should visitors worry about there being no flowers left for spring.

“They’ll have another flush then when the gardens open in March and will look as amazing as always,” said Gary.  “We’re just very lucky to have this extra Christmas present now.”