At the moment the ground is not just really moist but it is also warm, which is ideal for plants putting down a good root system.

To celebrate these conditions and help gardeners plan ahead for a riot of spring colour, the Trewithen Plant Centre, based at the garden in Probus, is offering a third off spring flowering shrubs throughout August.

Head Gardener, Gary Long, said: "This year the seasons have returned and traditionally the later part of summer and early autumn is the time to prepare for the spring."

The special offer will apply to many of the shrubs Trewithen is famous for throughout the world. Included will be sizable signature shrubs like Camellia, Rhododendron and Azalea. Other plants in the offer include: some varieties of Deutzia, Berberis, Exochorda, Kerria japonica and Kolwitzia as well as selected spring flowering climbers; Clematis, Winter Jasmine, fragrant Myrtles and Wisteria.

These plants are all perfect for filling gaps in the garden, acting as the backbone of any new beds and adding structure and texture to any spring displays.