Thinking about going outside and taking care of the plants in the garden can take a little more effort – but not according to Trewithen's Head Gardener Gary Long who offers practical advice on his popular blog pages.

He said: "Cornwall rarely experiences temperatures below 0°C and therefore we are lulled into a false sense of security believing we have a ‘Mediterranean' climate.

"Here in Trewithen's gardens, we adopt the approach that the cold damp Cornish winter is more of a killer than just the cold. Therefore it is only necessary to make a few changes.

"Plants in pots need to be moved into a frost-free environment to protect the roots. Tender or borderline hardy plants need the most attention and require wrapping with horticultural fleece or bubble wrap (remember to remove the bubble wrap when the sun shines or your plants will cook!) Make a frame and cover so that the leaves don't allow the frost in."

Gary goes on: "The most queries I get are about protecting tree ferns. I've found that they don't necessarily need extra protection unless they are young plants. In this case it is helpful to tie in a small bundle of straw on to the crown.

"The cold is definitely not a bad thing. With this weather holding growth back, we're set for an amazing Spring."

Gary's blog also contains a detailed look at the garden's progress throughout the year including developments, plant advice, seasonal gardening tips and the announcement of his Plant Personality of the Year Awards.