Champion Trees

“This garden is remarkable not just for the number of magnolias it has but also for their size.” Alys Fowler, Gardener's World

Trewithen’s botanic gardens boast 18 champion trees. These are trees that have been officially measured by the Tree Register and declared champions for either being the tallest of their type or for having the largest diameter. Major gardens and parks throughout Britain and Ireland are inspected to update champion tree records regularly.

Details of the trees that can be found at Trewithen are shown below.


Origin Champion because…

Photinia prinophylla (E)

West China Height & Diameter

Amomyrtus luma (E)

Chile Height & Diameter

Acer cissifolium (D)

Japan Diameter

Acer laxiflorum (D)

West China Diameter

Rehderodendron macrocarpum (D)

West China Height & Diameter

Magnolia campbellii subsp.mollicomata (D)

South East Tibet Diameter

Rhododendron arboreum subsp.cinnamomeum (E)

North East India Height

Magnolia kobus (D)

Japan Diameter

Stewartia sinensis (D)

Central China Height

Ilex cyrtura (E)

South West China Height & Diameter

Enkianthus chinensis (D)

West China Height & Diameter

Magnolia campbellii ‘Charles Raffill’ (D)

Kew Gardens Height

Acer laevigatum

China Only one of its stature

Magnolia campbellii subsp.mollicomata ‘Lanarth’ (D)

Lanarth Largest of its type grown from a layer

Magnolia sargentiana (D)

West China Diameter

Magnolia sprengeri var.diva (D)

Caerhays Castle Diameter

Eucryphia cordifolia (E)

Chile Diameter

Schima wallichiivar.khasiana (E)

Assam in Burma Height & Diameter

Schima wallichii subsp.moronhae var.superba (E)

Assam in Burma Diameter

Eucryphia moorei (E)

South East Australia Diameter